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Admission and Registration

Benefits of the Training
The apprentice gets a monthly stipend all through the training period, medical insurance, and is registered in social insurance by the recruiting company.
Programs and Specializations
SMP offers three programs. These are: surface mining, underground mining, and mining operations.
Length of the Program
The first year of the training includes courses of English, computer, life skills, and safety. The second year includes the specialization programs, followed by a six-month on-the-job-training.

Establishment of SMP


Training Programs


Current trainees



Admission Dates
The dates of enrolment and admission are announced based on the agreement with the recruiting company.
Short-listing and Nomination
All applicants’ data are collected and screened. Short-listed candidates will be promoted to the interview scheduling phase.
Scheduling an Interview
Applicants who meet the program criteria are called for an interview, and interviews are scheduled.
The Interview and Placement Test
The interview includes a physical assessment of the applicant as well as a placement test to measure his English language proficiency level.
The Waiting List
The waiting list is one that includes other applicants’ names to be referred back to in case an admitted applicant does not come, in order to complete the number of apprentices set by the recruiting company.
Final Selection
Apprentices are finally selected after the completion of the screening process with the addition of the score earned in the interview and the placement test.