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Our efforts to combat Coronavirus COVID 19
Saudi Mining Polytechnic developed a comprehensive plan to resume the educational process for the institute trainees in light of the Corona pandemic by preparing an integrated platform for online education. The institute provided tablets for trainees who began to use them effectively to make this experiment a success. The highly qualified Training Department makes continuous efforts to ensure that all trainees participate actively in the educational process. All employees of the institute work as an integrated team to achieve the institute's strategic goals in serving the mining industry in the Kingdom. The institute was not only satisfied with ensuring the continuity of the online educational process, but also was keen to continue extracurricular activities that help refine the personality of the trainees. The meetings of the Toastmasters Club continued, as well as the work of the Digital Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab) remotely. This experience has opened wide horizons for the institute to be utilized even after the end of the pandemic as the institute will continue to benefit from the communication means currently used to develop other operational processes in the institute and to continue remote meetings. The institute is keen to adhere to all precautionary measures to preserve the health and safety of all the institute’s employees. The institute has prepared an integrated plan for the return of trainees while maintaining safety precautions and achieving social distancing.