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Training Facilities
The Saudi Mining Polytechnic facilities are numerous. They serve more than 450 trainees. There are also common service facilities, which serve both trainees and the local community alike. The following is a listing of the SMP facilities: Training Facilities: SMP seeks to provide training facilities. These include technical facilities such as: • The advanced underground mining simulators lab. • The advanced surface mining simulators lab. • The metal micro-processing lab building. • The electronic tests lab building. • SMP also has a number of ideal classrooms which provide trainees with a privileged training experience that enhances the training process in different ways and leaves them with added academic value. There are more than 35 ideal training classrooms.
The Gym
SMP possesses sports facilities that serve all the trainees of the institute. These include the indoor sports hall next to the mosque, which contains individual sports and gaming sets such as billiards and pool tables, a gymnasium, tennis sets, and chess boards; and a hall for athletics and body building. These all enable the trainees to practice their desired sports activities in tandem with their educational programs. They are also made use of in holding various championships and individual sports tournaments. There are also the outdoor playing fields, such as the football field, the tennis court, and the handball court, which all help enhance and polish the trainees’ sports skills and release their dormant and pent-up energies. This helps integrate a trainee’s sound mind with his sound body.
The Mosque
SMP now has a mosque that can accommodate more than 350 praying people at a time.
The Permanent Safety Exhibition
SMP also has a permanent safety exhibition that is divided into seven sections. These are: • Personal safety and protection. • Safety in plants and mines. • Fire safety and fire-fighting methods. • Chemical substance safety and methods to avoid chemical hazards. • First aid and CPR. • Health safety, which includes: healthy nutrition, and the importance of recycling. • Safety in defensive driving, which includes: knowing and abiding by safety procedures while driving, and the importance of the seatbelt.
The Digital Fab Lab
SMP also has a digital production laboratory, which was recently established for the purpose of identifying and shedding light on the innovators and the creative among SMP trainees in particular and in the local community in general. The lab has various equipment and devices, which include: • 3-D printers. • Laser cutting and engraving machines. • Computer-controlled cutting and engraving machines. • Robot-building tools and devices. • Printing and cutting equipment in general. • Thermoforming presses of various kinds.
House of Knowledge
House of Knowledge is one of the beacons of knowledge in the Northern Province. It was established for the purpose of boosting cognitive economy in numerous ways that suit the modern era. As a center of knowledge at the community level, it offers reading in many ways to choose from. A user of the library can read books in the traditional way or electronically in a digitized format, or even listen to them in an audio form. Several quiet seating arrangements have been provided to impart more enjoyment to the reading experience during every visit to the library, the area of which exceeds 400 square meters.
The Conference Hall and the Multi-purpose Hall
These halls have been established to provide an appropriate venue for informal and formal meetings relevant to both the institute and the community. They also play a role in administrative training and can be utilized in all of SMP’s distinct and outstanding activities.