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Innovation and Marketing Department

The Innovation and Marketing Department takes the initiative of artistic development at SMP. It also seeks to introduce and promote the value of innovation in all skill-based, artistic, and cognitive aspects. This goes hand in hand with community service by enhancing the cognitive economy of the local community through technically enabling its members. For this reason, a digital manufacturing laboratory, which is considered to be the first of its kind in the region, has been founded for the promotion of creativity and innovation and for sharpening and fine-tuning creative ideas by providing opportunities for them to be implemented in the laboratory. It serves the local community and sheds light on the talented young people of our beloved country who are its principal asset. This all contributes to achieving the 2030 Vision of Saudi Arabia and implementing the SMP 2028 Strategy. The department also takes part in promoting SMP in a variety of ways. These include all digital, visual, and audio aspects of media. It endeavors to spread as much information about SMP as possible in order for mining companies and those which are supporting or are similar in the industry to become acquainted with it. It seeks to leave a positive impression about SMP output and how dedicated it is to the achievement of the nationalization of the mining industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It acquaints Saudi graduates with the goals of the institute and provides training that is considered to be among the most distinctive programs available while ending in employment in Saudi Arabia.