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General Services and Operation Department

General Services and Operation Department
The General Services and Operations Department has a leading role in ensuring the progress of the operation and maintenance works of all SMP facilities and buildings to provide an educational and work environment that lives up to the expectations of SMP trainees, trainers and staff alike. The role of the General Services and Operations Department Department is not restricted to merely carrying out routine operations and maintenance work. Rather, it includes development and improvement works as well as taking part in the preparation and devising of studies and proposals that serve to increase interest and development at SMP, which is a great educational edifice and prominent landmark in the city of Arar. The department provides all operation and maintenance works, cleaning, and afforestation, side by side with renovation works. It also monitors the progress of the delivery and reception works of the contractors dealing with the institute. Our area of interest as a servicing department at SMP also includes the involvement of the recipients of the department’s services in expressing their opinions and making suggestions for the improvement of performance and raising standards therein. The department aspires to provide the institute with ideal facilities and to offer highly efficient services in order to attain SMP apprentices, trainers, and staff satisfaction. It seeks to preserve the workplace environment and impart an appropriate atmosphere of beauty and decoration. It provides operation and maintenance services to all SMP buildings and ensures that the apprentices, trainers, and staff feel secure and comfortable everywhere in the institute. In fact, the tasks of the department cover operation, maintenance, cleaning, and renovation, among others. These are carried out through making optimum use of resources. The department team has introduced a great deal of improvements to the internal work procedures, systems and forms. It has developed an electronic mechanism to deal with the work instructions and requests received and to ensure prompt implementation and quality of follow-up and performance. Efforts have been continuous to develop work mechanisms and procedures and to enhance the staff’s performance and standards. We spare no effort to accept and follow all staff suggestions and views as long as they promote SMP’s values, contribute to work improvement, and boost performance.
Safety and Security
The safety systems at SMP include a team of security officers monitoring through surveillance video cameras. Smoke detectors, fixed and portable fire extinguishing equipment as well as a detailed emergency evacuation plan are in effect. These safety systems aim to provide a proper and safe workplace environment around the clock. Observing safety policies and procedures and maintaining a safe workplace environment are not merely a formal procedure or a conventional requirement by the institute. Rather, they represent a strategic goal that the institute aspires to accomplish and that everyone has to pursue in earnest for the common good of the institute, staff, and the apprentice-sponsoring companies. It is the safest workplace that is the most productive one.
Information Technology
The Department of Information Technology is responsible for establishing, developing and maintaining the IT systems at SMP. Its most important tasks include: The network infrastructure: This encompasses designing and executing plans, inspecting all SMP buildings, and operating and maintaining more than 400 computers in a number of labs, the biggest of which accommodates 100 trainees. Wireless communication: In addition to installing digital phones in more than 65 offices and laboratories, the department provides WIFI coverage to the whole institute and the institute’s accommodation. Services and programs: The electronic registration and admission gate has been developed and made ready. So, too, has the TIS system, which is related to managing the trainees’ affairs. The electronic exams and training system has also been activated. Furthermore, the trainee self-service system has been applied. The website and e-mail: The website was built so that it can be easy for everybody to reach. It was designed to be user-friendly and in both Arabic and English. The email (office 365) also provides multiple options, such as the Microsoft Office pack as well as a storage capacity of up to 1 GB for each trainee.