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Program of Plant Operations

Program of Plant Operations
Plant operations involve stages and procedures of metal ores. These represent smelting, refining, screening, and processing along the production line.
Training Plan

Number of training semesters 6 training semesters

Number of training weeks within each semester 13 weeks

Job designation after graduation Plant operations mining technician

Career Progression Career Progression at SMP is divided into three main stages. During the first year, which represents the first stage, trainees take courses in the English language, safety, computer, chemistry, and general life skills. Following a successful completion of the first year, trainees are promoted to the second year, during which they start learning specialization subjects, such as surface mining, underground mining as well as Technical English. Next, trainees are promoted to the “on the job training program” for six months, at the premises of the recruiting company. After that, trainees are evaluated and declared graduates. They finally move to the company premises to start work.

Program description The first year of the program starts with improving the apprentices’ English language skills and teaching them the basics of safety in addition to computer skills, mathematics, and chemistry. In the second year, the emphasis is placed on the apprentices’ technical skills related to the specialization of mining plant operations, using state-of-the-art simulation equipment. The apprentices also receive a co-operative six-month on-the-job training at the end of the program.

Goals of the program The program seeks to highly train and qualify Saudi technicians in accordance with international criteria, resulting in the Saudization of the mining industry jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Values of the program Safety Excellence Innovation Integrity Teamwork

Basic skills The apprentices must gain the basic skills of the English language and the mining plant operations.

Graduation requirements Punctuality, completion of at least the minimum number of training hours, and successfully completing the cooperative on-the-job training.

Employment opportunities The training ends with employment in a mining or cement-manufacturing company.