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Training Department

The Training Department in SMP undertakes a range of responsibilities to fulfill the institute’s objectives related to preparing, training, and qualifying Saudi youth to join the labor market in the mining sector in the subsidiaries of the Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden) and other similar contractor companies throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The responsibilities of the Training Department include developing apprentice recruitment plans, determining apprentice admission requirements and setting the criteria for apprentice selection and screening. It is also in charge of the registration process and conducting the orientation program. It develops curricula, devises training plans and conducts evaluation in accordance with the needs of the mining-sector recruiting companies’ requirements. Furthermore, it supervises training and assesses its results. It develops the check-in and check-out system and determines the training hours for all apprentices in accordance with the recruiting companies. It also issues the necessary forms and letters that the trainees need and addresses concerned entities with regard to relevant trainee affairs. It devises the SMP training manual, which includes the policies, rules and procedures followed within the institute. In addition, it ensures the provision of uniforms, transportation, accommodation, medical insurance, course books and supplies, and daily meals to the apprentices, side by side with offering academic and behavioral counseling services to help them adapt and make progress in the training program. In addition, it designs and administers assessment tests in a way that suits the variable needs of the mining sector. Besides, it holds programs to raise the awareness among trainees of safety and safe driving. It sets up a student council for the apprentices to develop their concepts and practices of management. Also, a Toastmasters club that follows the model of Toastmasters International, the international public speaking club, improves the apprentices’ elocution, and speaking skills. It assembles sports teams and holds contests and tournaments for the apprentices, in the firm belief of “a sound mind in a sound body”. It holds periodic interviews with guests that allow the trainees to benefit from the experiences of their managers and hosted VIP’s. It plans and organizes an academic excellence program for the trainees, following the practices of the Saudi Ministry of Education.