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Trainees Council

Section I

Article (1): Designation Saudi Mining Polytechnic Council of Apprentices

Article (2): Organization’s Profile SMP Council of Apprentices is an elected trainee organization that represents the trainees of the institute. The SMP Council of Apprentices refers to the Trainees’ Affairs Department.

Article (3): Headquarters The Saudi Mining Polytechnic – the Northern Borders Province – the Administrative Building – first floor

Article (4): Logo of the Council

Goals of the Council
Section II Goals of the Council

Article (5): Goals As a trainee organization, the council aims to: develop trainees’ personalities on the national, social, athletic, intellectual, and professional levels. enhance cooperation and the concept of teamwork among trainees, and to cultivate the relationship between the trainees on the one hand and the administrative and training staff on the other hand. foster the spirit of leadership among trainees, and to provide them with an opportunity to express their opinions freely. provide the opportunity for trainees to express their opinions regarding all the decisions made by the SMP administration whether they be related to the trainees and the training affairs, management, or even the services provided by the SMP administration to the trainees. help solve trainees’ training and social problems in cooperation with the relevant SMP authorities. enhance trainees’ academic achievement and the training process. work cooperatively with the institute to spot and encourage top performers and talented trainees and help them improve their levels and skills and nurture their talents. support trainees’ activities on the scientific, scholarly, intellectual, social and athletic levels. raise trainees’ awareness of their rights and duties in accordance with the policies followed at the institute, and urge them to preserve SMP installations and facilities. urge trainees to maintain the accomplishments of the institute and to contribute to its fine reputation and high public esteem. urge trainees to constantly maintain order in line with the mission and goals of the institute, and to participate with the administration in improving trainees’ services.

Organizational Structure of the Council
Section III

Article (6): The first meeting of each cycle is a statutory one for the council, which is held under the supervision of an authorized SMP administrative member, and in which a council chairman and vice-chairman are elected from within the members of the Apprentices’ Council.

Article (7): The Council Chairman’s Tasks Managing the periodic and special meetings of the council. The council chairman appoints a vice-chairman and a supervisor for each of the cultural, athletic, social, and trainee-services committees, as well as a secretary through a resolution issued by the chairman and voted on by the members for agreement. The council chairman has the right to give warnings and notices to any member of the council if need be. (See: recall of membership.) The council chairman, or his deputy, has the right to sign the official letters addressed to SMP administration in the name of the council. During the discussions and inquiries in the Speaking Guest activity, only the council chairman has the right to address questions to the guest. The council chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary hold a weekly session with the SMP administration member supervising the Apprentices’ Council to deliberate on issues of concern. The council holds a bi-monthly session with the SMP president to deliberate on issues of concern. The council secretariat has to schedule a monthly open meeting between the council chairman and the apprentices to deliberate on issues of concern. The council chairman is the highest-level authority in the council. Therefore, he can assume additional powers after referring to the council. He also represents all apprentices in and outside the council.

Article (8): The council vice-chairman He is to be elected from within the council. He acts on behalf of the council chairman when the latter is away. He has all the chairman’s powers during the latter’s absence. He has to handle all the tasks delegated to him by the chairman. He makes deliberations with the council chairman regarding the appointment of the secretaries of the cultural, athletic, social, and trainee-service committees as well as the council secretary.

Article (9): The Social Committee Secretary He is to be appointed by the council chairman after proper consultation with the council vice-chairman. He is to liaise with internal and external entities for coordination. He is responsible for the organization of the conferences and trainee seminars held in the institute in coordination with the SMP competent authorities. He is to undertake all the tasks that may be delegated to him by the

Article (10): The Cultural Committee Secretary He is to be appointed by the council chairman after proper consultation with the council vice-chairman. He supervises the Cultural Committee. He oversees all cultural competitions and training and improvement courses. He is the editor-in-chief of the SMP periodical magazine. He undertakes all the tasks that may be delegated to him by the council chairman.

Article (11): The Athletic Committee Secretary He is to be appointed by the council chairman after proper consultation with the council vice-chairman. He supervises the Athletic Committee, and organizes all sports events and competitions in the institute. He oversees the representation of the institute in external sports contests. He undertakes all the tasks that may be delegated to him by the council chairman.

Article (12): The Council Secretary The council secretary undertakes the following tasks: Taking the minutes and setting the agenda items. Informing the members of the dates and times of meetings. He collects the points of discussion from the council members via email four days before the session in order to schedule them and report them to the council chairman. Sending invitations to those whom the council desires to host to attend the council meetings.

Section IV

Article (13): The Council of Apprentices is made up of seven members, each representing an intake. The apprentices elect these representatives by means of free direct elections or by acclamation, in which each intake must be represented by two apprentices.

Article (14): A candidate for the membership of the Council of Apprentices must be: He must be a full-time trainee at the institute. He must have a good reputation and be qualified with good behaviour. He must not have been given any warnings by any SMP authority or have been issued any other violations. He must not have failed any training subject at the institute.

Recall of membership
Section V

Article (15): The council is dissolved in the event of the resignation of half of its members.

Article (16): Membership is recalled in the following cases: Failure to attend the council sessions without a valid excuse for three consecutive times or for five non-consecutive times, with a resolution issued by the council chairman. In case of a confirmed loss of any of the membership conditions on the member’s part. Handwritten resignation. In case the member has been given three warnings, he will be subject to a vote of confidence by the council members. The administrative supervisor of the council has the right to recall a member’s membership with a reasoned disciplinary decision in case of a confirmed performance of an action contradictory to the goals of the council or tarnishing of its reputation on the member’s part. This is to ensure a good progress the educational process and to maintain a spirit of brotherhood among trainees.

Meetings of the Council
Section VI

Article (17): Sessions of the Council The council holds periodic meetings on a biweekly basis. The council holds a bimonthly periodic meeting that is attended by SMP President. Special meetings are held whenever something urgent that has to do with the institute or is of concern to the trainees comes up. Members of the council can invite SMP President to attend their special meetings. The council minister is responsible for informing all members of the Apprentices’ Council of the meeting agenda. Members set a date for the elections of the representatives of the first-year trainees in the statutory meeting. A member is considered absent in case he is tardy for more than half an hour since the beginning of the session or leaves early by one hour before its end without a valid excuse. In case a member desires to take leave not to attend a session, he has to inform the secretary two days beforehand. The council chairman or his deputy is entitled to count the absence or not, depending on his conviction of the excuse.

Article (18): The presence of at least five members is necessary for the lawful convening of the council. Resolutions shall be approved by an absolute majority of valid votes. In case the votes are equally divided, the issue at stake is discussed again, and the vote is repeated. In the event of an even split of votes, the council chairman shall tilt the balance in favour of one of the two opinions. In this case, the resolution is considered binding on the council.

Article (19): The period during which the council performs its activities and holds its meetings extends as long as the academic semester is.

Article (20): Working policies of the council: In pursuit of accomplishing its goals, the council coordinates with the competent authorities of the institute with regard to the following: Setting a general framework to carry out the policy of the council in accordance with its goals. Taking part in drawing up the necessary annual plans relevant to trainees’ activities. Discussing the action plan of the trainees